This is how the power plant of the future works: an interplay of innovative technologies

HH2e AG stands for a system of renewable electricity, hydrogen and energy storage. At former fossil-fired power plant sites, iconic future power plants will make possible the next stage of the energy transition, supplying industry and people with green energy around the clock.

Take renewable power for 4 hours. Provide 24 hours of constant energy.

A high-temperature storage, an electrolyzer and an innovative gas turbine are three main components of the iconographic power plant of the future:

These innovative technologies make it possible to store large amounts of wind power as high-temperature heat and provide it on demand. Renewable energies are integrated into the heat sector in this way on a large industrial scale. Part of the stored energy is supplied as process steam to the surrounding industry. Another part can be converted into oxygen and hydrogen by a new innovative electrolysis technology.

This will make it possible to supply large quantities of green hydrogen directly to industry and other customers, e.g. in the mobility sector. In the long term, this will make it possible to meet the hydrogen requirements of energy-intensive industry completely without emissions.

Alternatively, green hydrogen is converted into climate-friendly electricity and green district heating with the help of a low-NOx, highly efficient gas turbine, thus enabling a climate-neutral public energy supply for commercial enterprises, households and public facilities.

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